Welcome to J'aime ona Pangaia's reading room. I've assembled all the articles and short teachings I've written to help you get a better sense of Voice Dialogue and also as a way for you to discover my way of seeing and sharing this work. I'm also including several articles by Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue. You can find even more of their articles on their own website. This page here is regularly updated since I continue to write on Voice Dialogue and consciousness studies themes frequently. Check back regularly. I also post some of these shorter writings on my facebook page named Voice Dialogue, on which you're welcome to friend me.
photo of J'aime ona PangaiaArticles by J'aime
Introducing the Work
  • Definitions - There are a number of terms used throughout this website that have specific meanings in Voice Dialogue Work. Here is a short list of definitions to make your reading and understanding of the material more clear.
  • The Framework
  • The Practice - the basic elements of a Voice Dialogue facilitation process.
  • Principles of Nature and Psyche - looking to nature to better understand the archetypal under-pinnings of our various inner selves.
About Specific Selves
  • Being and Doing - a persona description of recognizing the intersection of two sets of opposite selves: the Special / Ordinary selves and the Being / Doing selves.
  • Being Vulnerable - the value of experiencing vulnerable selves.
  • The 1,000 lb. Inner Critic - how to change our experience of the Inner Critic
  • Personal and Impersonal Energies - an in-depth explanation of those parts of us responsible for helping us to feel and make connection, or to feel and make boundaries.
Relationship and Judgment
  • About Those Who Criticize - Who we judge say a lot about what we disown and what our own Inner Critic says about how we should be.
  • Bonding Patterns - A good description of how our selves interact with the selves of others. These bonding patterns can be fleeting or fixed.
  • Bonding Patterns and the Psychological Knower - More on the relationships of selves between people, and how learning about all this can induct a big juicy (psychological) know -it -all!
Contemplation and Voice Dialogue
  • Meditation and Voice Dialogue - How does having a meditation practice help a person who is on a Voice Dialogue path?
  • Psycho-Spiritual Process - Voice Dialogue as part of one's spiritual / consciousness journey
  • Source - We recognize Source, God, Creative Mystery, the Tao of Life, Brahman, All That Is as what gives rise to and the movement and unfolding of all our selves and destiny. The Aware Ego process does not put you in some kind of ultimate control of your life….
Responses to Students
Other Topics
  • The Psychic Fingerprint - Voice Dialogue seen from a James Hillman and Depth Psychology perspective
  • Voice Dialogue and Neo-Shamanism - the path of consciousness compared to the path of neo-shamanic healing in modern culture
  • The International Voice Dialogue Agreement - "The IVDA tries to provide an orientation, a guideline for the Voice Dialogue Facilitators and Teachers. Furthermore, the knowledge of these guidelines will help clients interested inreceiving Voice Dialogue facilitations and courses, and in choosing the right person to work with."
photo of Hal and Sidra StoneArticles by Hal and Sidra Stone
  • The Basic Elements - gives the story of our journey and the way in which our work evolved. It was originally written in 2007, the year we reached our 70th and 80th birthdays. Our aim in this article is to share with you the combined personal and professional "joint venture" that has been our life's work. In it, we describe what we currently see as the most important aspects of our work, the history of its evolution, and trace back to our initial sources of inspiration. We have recently re-formatted this article and added photos to make it attractive as well as informative. We encourage you to download it and to print it out.
  • Dreams as a Window to your Inner Selves - (from Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship)
  • The Inner Critic - a clear description of how this self operates in us and what it sounds like
  • Instinctual Energies and Dreams - shows how the inner teacher sends us dream messages about disowned instinctual energies.
  • Partnering - some of their thoughts on how to make relationships work more consciously.
For more of their writings, visit the Voice Dialogue International home page http://delos-inc.com/index.htm
Sample Chapter from An Introduction To Voice Dialogue; Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You
I've chosen to share chapter 25:
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