Photo of J'aime ona PangaiaJ'aime ona Pangaia, director of Voice Dialogue Center NW, is a veteran consciousness teacher and facilitator of Voice Dialogue Work with 30 years practicing and teaching it. She originally began her training in NYC in 1986, and later in California with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue in 1988. Since 1994, she has annually been invited to guest teach / facilitate as senior staff at their own week-long advanced training sessions.
Her book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You, is used in Voice Dialogue teaching programs worldwide.
J'aime's past career path includes being a registered nurse (now retired), opening and managing a highly successful showcase office in Manhattan for a tri-statel home health care agency, leading psycho-spiritual healing groups throughout the U.S, and creating a popular retail book / gift store in Portland OR. She now teaches Voice Dialogue internationally at all levels, maintains a private practice in Portland and develops Voice Dialogue trainings for leadership and organization development programs both in government and corporate settings. She’s taught Voice Dialogue in Buddhist settings, (e.g., monastic and lay communities). She enjoys traveling to other corners of the world to initiate new Voice Dialogue communities and support existing ones.
Her private practice includes one-on-one and couples work via Voice Dialogue practice for evolving people. She is a strong believer in the idea that to change "the world" (or your relationship, or the organization), you begin with yourself.
"We consider J'aime to be one of our most senior Voice Dialogue facilitators and teachers. She is extremely creative and brings to the work an amazing breadth of experience in many areas of consciousness work.” - Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone