Picture of Beech Tree

Introduction to Voice Dialogue

January 11, 2014

Portland, Oregon

Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Fee: $80. If you come as a pair, $70 each.
Location: Portland, exact location tba soon.
Register: vdcnw@comcast.net or 503-867-7545
Recommended pre-reading: articles from the website: the framework, the practice, definitions, basic elements of Voice Dialogue.
This will be a one day workshop that will introduce you to some of the basic concepts and direct experience of this extraordinary consciousness work. We'll be exploring the idea of ego being comprised naturally of many different inner selves, each who take turns being 'you', as engage in the world and in relationship. Think of yourself as like a tree, with many parts, only some of whom you allow yourself to easily experience without judgment. Voice Dialogue is a process that over time introduces you to more and more of the inner groupings of selves. The result is that you being to experience greater self-acceptance, more choice in how to be in the world, and less toxic judgment towards other people.
Voice Dialogue is used world-wide by people committed to developing greater self-awareness, and by coaches, therapists, executive team leaders and other people who help others to be more conscious.
J'aime ona Pangaia: I am a decades-long psycho-spiritual teacher working internationally and the author of the newly released book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You. I am a spiritual aspirant and psychophile (lover of Psyche) who integrates archetypal studies and mindfulness practices, creative arts and movement with Voice Dialogue.

The immanent beauty of life and the reality-changing doorway of death - these mysteries reside as constant reminders to be present now.