Jaime Ona Pangaia

Group Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Training & Practice:
An Advanced Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Training

October 1 - 5, 2019
Berlin, Germany

$750 USD for 4 day Supervised Practicum program for returning practitioners (Oct 2 -5)

$900 USD includes initial training day for new learners of this method (Oct 1-5)

Twelve years ago, while teaching abroad and through translation, I developed a new way of working with small to medium sized groups. Previously, I would teach, then do one or more short demo's of Voice Dialogue facilitation. Having no trained staff, I was unable to provide all the attendees with their own direct experience of being facilitated. Teaching Voice Dialogue theories and experiencing the work are of course two entirely different things. This prompted me to find a way to skillfully engage all the participants in an actual Voice Dialogue facilitation. This new method requires a facilitator with a solid base of experience both in their own process as well as in working one to one and having experience working with groups in general.
This retreat is hosted by Andrea Narauth, Berlin Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher and is conducted in her flat. Recommendations will be available for nearby, inexpensive apartments to stay at and potentially share lodging with other participants.
J'aime ona Pangaia: is a psycho-spiritual teacher with almost 30 years experience. She teaches internationally and is the author of many teaching articles and the newly released book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You. She is spiritual aspirant and lover of Psyche who integrates archetypal studies and mindfulness practices, creative arts and movement with Voice Dialogue. She developed the two year long Transformational Arts Program to support people who are devoted to developing the aware ego consciousness process within themselves and, to provide initial training and support for those who are interested in becoming Voice Dialogue facilitators.