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Voice Dialogue Programs

Bangkok (Krunthep) 5 Day programs:
Foundations, Honoring Dreaming

January 2019

You can begin your Voice Dialogue experience in Thailand. All teaching will be in English with continuous Thai language translation. Training location is in the gracious Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside Hotel, conveniently accessed by Sky Train and a free hotel river taxi shuttle.

(Buddha statue in Chiangmai Doi Suthep temple)

January 9 - 13, 2019

At ripe points in our lives, we feel called to reintegrate more of who we can be into our realm of possibilities. It may be a loss that triggers this search for wholeness. Loss of an important relationship, a job or career, the children growing up and leaving home, a loss of a sense of purpose. Or, we sense a pull. A dream bothers us. Or, we're preparing to enter into a new situation and we want to overcome our fears and inhibitions. It may be that we are feeling itchy because of someone who is really bugging us and we want to figure out a new way of handling ourselves with them. We feel a desire within ourselves to be more whole and in balance and harmony. In one way or another, a psychic initiation has begun. For this, Voice Dialogue is an important method for becoming aware of the gifts and limitations of who it is we think we are, and begin to embrace lost aspects of our full human potential.
This program introduces you to the basics of Voice Dialogue theory and provides you with direct experience of Voice Dialogue facilitation.
The workshop teaches:
The Psychology of Selves
The Aware Ego Process
Power and Vulnerability
Principles of Nature & Psyche (what motivates the selves)
Energetics of Selves
Personal & Impersonal selves
Dream Process & the Selves
Experiential aspect of the program includes:
Exercises to discover one's own primary, disowned & shadow material, group dream work,
Voice Dialogue facilitation experience exercises to demonstrate the energetics of selves, learning the importance and energetics of boundaries.

Honoring Dreaming
January 17-20, 2019

This program further develops your understanding of
Bonding Patterns in Relationship - how our various inner selves interact positively or negatively with others and what to do about that,
Understanding the role of judgement in the consciousness process (both the Inner Critic, the outer Judge),
Strengthening the conditions for the Aware Ego Process,
Dream Process - basic principles of how to work with your dreams
Experience of Voice Dialogue facilitation in group process.
Attending the Foundations program and signing up for at least one personal Voice Dialogue facilitation is a prerequisite for this program. It is recommended that applicants to Deepenings have been facilitated at least twice before attending this program.

Private Sessions

Three sessions a day: 9 am- 11 am, 12 - 2 pm and 3 pm - 5 pm.
Couple sessions are welcome.
You are welcome to record your session for later review.
Advance reservations are advised.
J'aime ona Pangaia: is a psycho-spiritual teacher with almost 30 years experience. She teaches internationally and is the author of many teaching articles and the newly released book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You. She is spiritual aspirant and lover of Psyche who integrates archetypal studies and mindfulness practices, creative arts and movement with Voice Dialogue. She developed the two year long Transformational Arts Program to support people who are devoted to developing the aware ego consciousness process within themselves and, to provide initial training and support for those who are interested in becoming Voice Dialogue facilitators.
"The immanent beauty of life and the reality-changing doorway of death - these mysteries reside as constant reminders to be present now." ~J'aime