Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Dreaming and Awakening

by J'aime ona Pangaia
Copyright 2018

The name I/you/we've been given. This body. These emotions. That diagnosis. Money. Success. Failure. Value. Gifts, or special abilities or handicaps. Before, after or 'later'.
Waking up means knowing the truth that 'you' never were nor had any of these things to begin with. Waking up, I/you/we lose nothing real, only spiritual delusion, only a seemingly finite and divided mind.
Everything I/you/we think we know about (y)ourself has always only been a fiction, perhaps a very compelling or even an entertaining one. Who I/you/we think we are, does not originate this fiction
I/You/We are not made of thoughts, or feelings. Nor sensations or perceptions. I/You/We are not a noun, nor are we ever an object. I/You/ We have no possessions. Those are a trick of perception.
The only loss upon 'waking up' are the illusions I/you/we've identified with, the delusion that 'I/ you' are separate from anything I/you/we experience. Any feeling of aloneness, of isolation, along with any specialness to cling to, dissolves
The only 'I/you/we' there is, is already here, right now, void of any definition, limitation. And, I/ you/we are Life, I/you/we are both the 'author' and the reader of these words; these thoughts only occur within myself/you/us. There is no 'out there.'
We are undivided as surely as Nature is undivided even as we are imagining ourselves as infinitely experience. Everything perceived or sensed is imbued with the exact same knowing of 'I am', that I/you/we can touch into at any moment.
Knowing this, 'waking up to this', is singularly unspectacular, completely ordinary. This knowing is intrinsic to consciousness, to awareness. We are Awareness knowing Ourself as "I", and we are within all experience, all made up only of I, Awareness. Reality is Consciousness Known.
Every word here is an finite expression of Truth. I/You/We, being Limitless Truth, cannot be fully spoken of, cannot ever be fully felt, rendered, or sensed within finite experience. Everything imagined arises from Unimaginable Truth, Beauty, Love, Infinite Being.
~ J'aime ona Pangaia