Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Voice Dialogue and Nonduality

by J'aime ona Pangaia
Copyright 2018

  1. the attribution of human nature or character to animals, inanimate objects, or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure.
  2. the representation of a thing or abstraction in the form of a person, as in art.
  3. the person or thing embodying a quality or the like; an embodiment or incarnation: He is the personification of tac
  4. an imaginary person or creature conceived or figured to represent a thing or abstraction
  5. the act of personifying; the attributing of human qualities to an animal, object, or abstraction
Why is understanding this concept, this impulse to personify important, in terms of our aware ego process?
Are selves 'real inner people', or are they personifications of ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving? Is there a relationship between identifying with a self and personifying a quality/ style/form of being
What if we shifted our narrative from 'part of me....' to 'one way of how I experience is...." Would this make a subtle difference in how we understand experience itself? MIght the former suggest an "I"-as-object (like an orange with segments) while the latter more suggest an 'I'-asphenomenon'?
Since remembering is itself a form of thinking/feeling/sensing, does the creative act of remembering a back story for a 'self identity' become a way for helping us to separate and differentiate from that self-form, or is it a way of further solidifying that personification - as 'me'?
When we separate from this self/personification, we move from our awareness being filtered through that personification, and from being merged with it, to simply being aware of it. What is the experience of that awareness, now stripped of that objectified form of being
Can you note the difference between being in a mental state that becomes more informed of selfaspects and simply becoming aware
When we engage in the Neti-Neti action of Voice Dialogue facilitation, (ahhh, so I'm NOT this, and I'm NOT that), what is revealed (momentarily) is the empty experience of I, Awareness. Immediately with this is the paradoxical knowing that I, Awareness am actually everything perceived.
In other words, all selves, forms, and perceptions, can only occur within Me, Awareness. I am NOT 'That' yet 'That' is a form-of-being awareness. For example, when we engage as any self, each 'self' shares the exact same experience of 'I Am Being Me," it's just that there are different ways of experiencing "I Am Being Me," different forms, archetypal patterns, etc. Every experience then, is an expression of I, Awareness.