Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Are you in a good mood all the time from Voice Dialogue

by J'aime ona Pangaia
Copyright 2013

Question from a participant in day 2 of the Chiangmai Voice Dialogue Foundations course. "Are you in a good mood all the time from Voice Dialogue?" NO! I said. I now pretty much feel quite peaceful on a deep level, and on the surface, my selves have judgments, irritations, reactions, likes/dislikes. These are as the weather in my personality: in response to conditions. Because of them, and my awareness of them, I wake up more. That means I also sleep; I am unconscious to a lot of what is happening in the overall ocean of J'aime." Luckily, I don't operate from a subpersonality that insists I be conscious at all times. What a inner tyrant that would be, since it's quite impossible.
And, on that deeper level, I know they are selves, that they are not me, they are part of how I am within this life. I accept them; and more and more I don't stay identified with them for long, I can speak up for them, knowing they are selves and they are, like my body, a precious, way through which I experience the richness and vicissitudes of life.
Voice Dialogue process doesn't make you a 'good' person - we know by now that what some selves call 'good', others call 'bad'. Voice Dialogue takes us beyond strict ideas of good and bad. The Voice Dialogue process brings us inevitably in contact with our vulnerable selves and we speak for them as well: what brings us joy, suffering, calm, fear, peace, pleasure, pain. The work of Voice Dialogue trains us in energy - we learn to feel and recognize when there is an energetic linkage with another - or not. When we are safe or not. When there is consciousness or not. The Aware Ego Process, whenever it emerges, allows us then to act accordingly.