Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Psycho-Spiritual Process

by J'aime ona Pangaia
Copyright 2012

A beautiful day to you,
Voice Dialogue has the appearance, at first, of simply helping us to make much better decisions. Not smarter, but rather decisions we can more easily live with. And with this practice, we begin to let go of our hefty and exhausting judgments ~ judgments that harm and entrap us as much as they can cause harm to others. Why is this? Because the Voice Dialogue process gradually alleviates us from a dualistic, polarizing attitude. We find ourselves looking outward and as if into a mirror. Everywhere, 'There I can be too." It's an unbelievable relief and properly humbling.
I wish you a peaceful heart and alert presence in this amazingly creative/destructive maelstrom called life. How can we achieve this? From the inside out. We do our work to clarify who this self is that we call 'me', in the midst of the convergences of our own deeper and arching psychic process, the collective mystery of 'others' and the moving of God/Goddess(s)/Fate and our seemingly special and ordinary Destiny. And beyond all this, the empty stillness that 'breathes/dreams' into Being of all of this that is. The practice of Voice Dialogue is one of those paths that can bring that clarification with dedication over time.
Voice Dialogue is experienced by many as a psycho-spiritual practice. The ego, your sense of 'me' (insert your name here) becomes less fixed, less rigid, less defensible. This 'me' begins to sense how it belongs to a much larger, more mysterious process, in fact, it is itself a process, not a thing. More and more, we experience ourselves as an expression of the present moment and not a product of history. We do seem to have stories and histories, but those stories begin to appear as more of an on-going creative process rather than a factual position to be held onto and defended. Voice Dialogue is a facilitated dialogue in heightened awareness, with our inner 'voices', or selves, those personalized archetypal phenomenon who are like bits of psychic dna, holding sensory information and mandated patterns of expressions of energy.
We begin to separate from being identified with them. They are parts of a whole, like bees in a colony, like organs in a body, like places on the earth - only it's the psyche's earth, the soul's body of expression, elements of the colony of this life called 'you'. If you're not identified with these inner selves, what happens to the sense of 'me'? You come more fully into life. You have a wider repertoire from which to sense and express in life. You're as an actor who had been playing only one role in the play, and now can play any character role in the production. And the production plays itself out through this more flexible 'you'.
What else happens? The spiritual element of Voice Dialogue becomes more apparent. More and more you live in the present moment. You are able to surrender more and more to divinity, to fate, to your calling that comes not from any "shoulds" but from the Soul, from Psyche, from what is always Divine Mystery. You are able to more peacefully embrace life and death, sensing them both as omnipresent doorways. You are awake and there is no solid, fixed 'you' who is awake. You are however Psyche flows through the gateway of consciousness now, and the consciousness process called 'you' is in service of this flow of the Source of all Being.
This is the good intentions I extend your way.