Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Creative Intelligence of the Universe
Sublime, Mysterious, Chaos

by J'aime ona Pangaia
Copyright 2012

In the work of Voice Dialogue, we recognize the mystery that which moves all things from beyond our knowing or control. In other words, even with an Aware Ego Process, we're not in charge of everything that happens in our lives. Of course not! We can be more in charge of how we respond to life's events. We can make small decisions that can indeed have big repercussions - but still, even that is within the bounds of what is simply brought to us. What we can be more and more conscious of who we think we are, as we live within and respond to the emergent source of all being. This is what the on-going practice of Voice Dialogue can cultivate. When we have a looser grip on 'who we are', Mystery and Source become more stunningly apparent.
Recognizing Source keeps our ego (aware or not!) within the human realm. When we are engaging in an aware ego process, the choices we make may have as much to do with surrendering with Source as it might with directing our 'selves' within the dance of Sourced reality. In other words, we are humbled while in an aware ego process, not so much Masters Of Our Destiny. If the only focus of Voice Dialogue were on ego consciousness, we’d miss the majority of what we are, what we belong to and come from. And so it’s not the only focus of ours. We also attend to not simply analyzing dreams, but being with them energetically. This creates linkage between the conscious and unconscious realms of our whole being. We attend to the reality of the ‘psychic fingerprint’, that blossoming uniqueness that comes with birth and supports and confounds the ego all life. We recognize Source, God, Creative Mystery, the Tao of Life, Brahman, All That Is.
Every moment of aware ego process, we are the part of the dream of Brahman, of Source, of Tao, of the Creative Intelligence, I Am-ness, awakening and manifesting as a conscious participant in creation, immanent and without a static, fixed identity. And from this, for that moment, our ego acts, servant to Source, human in relation with divine nature, between and of, heaven and earth.