Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia

Being Vulnerable

by J'aime ona Pangaia
copyright 2012

Being vulnerable is being human, trying to stay in control or be invincible is to try to be beyond human - like a god. When we are vulnerable, we are open. Yes, open to being hurt, fearful, manipulated or used. Yes, open to feeling pain or the suffering of another. But also, open to feel love, to sense and be moved by beauty, to touch in with our body and our physical needs, open to learning, open to receiving. Open to feeling when we are moving beyond the limits of our safety. Open to feeling our linkage with others.
Today, I invite you to take time to consciously sense into BOTH your vulnerable, very human nature AND those parts of you that are so determined to protect you from any harm or fear. I invite you to start to be a bit more conscious of those automatic mechanisms you employ to stay safe so that you can also be more conscious of those tender, sensitive places within yourself and others.
When we are current with our vulnerable perceptions, we are in the present time with the truth of our body and the body of others and the earth. Then we can respond to our own truth and the truth of others with compassion and 'right action' - an action that our vulnerable selves can live with safely. Then, we have more conscious choice to be - more fully human.