Picture of J'aimes garden

Nondualism and Voice Dialogue

May 14-19, 2019
Portland, Oregon

Join in a 5 day retreat with J'aime ona Pangaia to explore the intersection of Nondual teaching, contemplative meditations, discourse along with the experience of group Voice Dialogue (a modern 'Neti-Neti'practice). For those in their practice of knowing peace, freedom
Voice Dialogue, Awareness, the Aware Ego Process and NonDuality
What does Voice Dialogue and Nondual Reality have to do with each other?
This program begins with shared dinner and evening program on Tuesday the 14th, and ends with lunch on the Sunday the 19th.
Tuition fee for program: Early Bird rate: $1,100. After April 1st, $1150 - includes one dinner and five lunches
Contact for lodging recommendations in Portland.
Forms of payment available: credit card, PayPal or direct bank fund transfer.
J'aime ona Pangaia: is a psycho-spiritual teacher with almost 30 years experience. She teaches internationally and is the author of many teaching articles and the newly released book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You. She is spiritual aspirant and lover of Psyche who integrates archetypal studies and mindfulness practices, creative arts and movement with Voice Dialogue. She developed the two year long Transformational Arts Program to support people who are devoted to developing the aware ego consciousness process within themselves and, to provide initial training and support for those who are interested in becoming Voice Dialogue facilitators.