Voice Dialogue Center NW supports the consciousness process in individuals and groups. J'aime ona Pangaia, its director, offers personal and spiritual development using Voice Dialogue through teachings, facilitation, contemplative practice and dream work. Teaching programs are offered in the US and abroad.
Photo of J'aime ona Pangaia, Hal & Sidra StoneVoice Dialogue is an elegant psycho-spiritual process that helps us become more self-aware individuals and freer from negative self (and other) judgments. For our relationships, it helps us to learn from and accept each other as we are. It opens up our capacity to be energetically more open and connected while at the same time, have a clear sense of our evolving individual nature. As an on-going practice, it potentiates the development of non-dual states of consciousness.

Voice Dialogue Deep Immersion with a Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training Option
A two year Transformational Arts Program

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How do we do that? How can we master the ability to have enough trust and compassion to be able to set aside now and then, those fixed ideas we have of ourselves and become aware of simply being present with ‘what is’. Being present with more choice in how we respond to life as it emerges, as it is given to us. To make more conscious choices in how we relate to ourselves and others?
Voice Dialogue is a very accessible and profoundly altering psycho-spiritual practice. Emerging out from Jungain/Archetypal, Psycho-synthesis and Humanistic psychological perspectives and developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, it also blends in the contemplative, mindful states normally associated with some Buddhist practices (Samatha and Vipassana). We carefully examine, ‘Who’ do we become in life? We attend to the power stances we assume to protect our various vulnerabilities. We consider our judgments ˜ how can they lead to us to greater self-acceptance and compassion and tolerance for others? We note energy states, boundaries and how we link in with others. We pay homage to our dream life, that upwelling from our Unconscious territories. Body ~ what wisdom and longing is it expressing?
Join me in the next two year Transformational Arts Program that blends Voice Dialogue, Contemplative Practice, Dreamwork, Movement and Creative Arts and Archetypal studies to initiate your next level of conscious development. Structurally prepared for participants who are mature, open, imperfect, and ready. The program is organized to allow for participants to come from afar twice a year for a weeks’ retreat, and connect technologically the rest of the time. This program has two twin paths, you may take one or both. First and foremost is for you who are ready to go on a deep inner initiatory journey and secondly, an option for those who also wish to develop themselves as a Voice Dialogue practitioner, in service to others.
I am a decades-long psycho-spiritual teacher working internationally and the author of the newly released book, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue: Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You. I am a spiritual aspirant and psychophile (lover of Psyche) who integrates archetypal studies and mindfulness practices, creative arts and movement with Voice Dialogue.
The immanent beauty of life and the reality-changing doorway of death - these mysteries reside as constant reminders to be present now.
Feel free to also call me for a personal conversation about the Transformational Arts Program.
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